Andy Ryan Piano Services offers a wide range of piano servicing needs on all pianos. Please contact us regarding pricing and scheduling.

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Aural Piano Tuning

Tuning a piano is the process of adjusting the tension of each string to produce a specific frequency. Pianos are typically tuned to international pitch of A440HZ. Andy Ryan Piano Services offers concert quality piano tuning done completely by ear.


Pitch Raise

If a piano has been neglected and/or exposed to drastic humidity fluctuation the tension of the strings will drop very low. A pitch raise is essentially pulling the tension up to international pitch.


Mechanical Repairs

With extensive use of the piano and/or  exposure to humidity fluctuation can cause many different mechanical issues. The most common are sticky keys and squeaky pedals.



Regulation is the process of adjusting all the different components inside of the piano. A thorough job will ensure the highest level of performance regarding key touch, and projection.



Voicing is the conditioning of the felt on the hammers to adjust the tone of the piano. This is commonly used to meet the specific tone preference of the musician.

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Cleaning of the case, soundboard, plate, inner cavity of the piano, action, tuning pins, and strings.



Piano reconditioning is beneficial for middle aged, and heavily used pianos to restore the level of performance and sound it once had as a new instrument.



Rebuilding a piano can be a very large project. This work is used to restore old pianos with high re-sale value, sentimental value, or structural damage.


Piano Life Saver System Installation

This micro-environment consists of a humidifier and de-humidifier to ensure a steady humidity level. Preserving the soundboard and structure of the piano to ultimately protect your investment.


Piano Assessments

Written and/or verbal assessments available upon inspection of the piano. Ideal during the buying and selling process of new and used pianos.


Buying and Selling Advice

Have peace of mind and assurance that you are investing in a quality and suitable instrument to meet your expectations and musical needs.


Piano Accessories

Such as: Piano polishes, caster cups, benches, Dampp-chaser pads and solution, etc.